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End-Of-The-Year Business Insurance Review

November 18, 2022

Within the past year, did your company improve your business facility? Are there areas of your property that need maintenance or repair? Review your property insurance to make sure you are fulfilling all obligations that may exclude you from available coverage for certain risks.

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Key Insurance Terms to Know

Key Insurance Industry Terms

October 14, 2022

Pay close attention to policy limits. These are where you find out the total amount a policy will pay in the event of one or more covered losses. 

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Exposure Associated with Skipping Business Insurance

August 23, 2022

Federal, state, and local laws require small businesses to carry insurance for a wide array of reasons. When your business fails to secure these policies, you could face expensive fines and penalties. 

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Cyber Security Risk Insurance CDISI

The Importance of Cyber Liability Insurance

July 25, 2022

Our high-tech society provides criminals with new ways to commit crimes. They can break into systems containing sensitive business, customer data, or use ransomware to hold computer systems captive until their demands are met. This type of theft can be devastating.

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Why Every Business in the Treasure Valley Should Have Commercial Insurance

May 26, 2022

A typical slip-and-fall injury claim against your property could cost you $20,000 or more! That type of expense could crush your professional dreams. What’s more, even if your business is virtual, you stand to risk a lot if someone sues you for breach of contract or negligence.

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Compass Direct Insurance Services, Inc. (CDISI) in Meridian, Idaho

April 4, 2022

 Compass Direct Insurance Services, Inc. (CDISI) is in the Village at Meridian in Idaho. We specialize in commercial insurance but also offer many other types of insurance policies: Business, Personal, General Liability, Worker’s Compensation, Auto/Vehicle, Property, Professional Liability, E&O, Bonds, Employment Practices…

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